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Looking for a filming location?

Film on Amorgos

Benefits Filming on Amorgos, Greece

- 40% Cash Rebate

- 30% Tax Relief guaranteed through the Greek Public Investment Programme

Why you should choose Amorgos for your next filming destination

Amorgos offers a variety of dramatic and mild landscapes, ancient & Byzantine monuments, traditional villages, suitable and welcoming for filming. The locals are very friendly and hospitable, very much willing to help and even participate on any project if needed.


Travel and Transport

We can help you to arrange all of your travel requirements including flights, ferries, taxis and transfers, source transport while you are here from mopeds, dune buggies, old trucks, chauffeured cars and coaches to jet skis, helicopters and luxury yachts.


Eat organically with our homegrown produce and use our experienced chefs to provide healthy and nutritious food for your team. You can have your meals in our premises, or they can be delivered and catered fresh and hot wherever the filming is taking place!

Location Management.jpg

Location Management

Amorgos has so much to offer: historical buildings, breath taking views, beaches and stunning coastlines with roads snaking round the coast. Mountains, restaurants, stunning sunrise and sunset locations, private homes, cute cafes, shops etc



We can arrange sporting activities for your shoot: such as scuba diving and free diving, speed boats, sup/ paddle boards, canoes, sailing, wake boarding, helicopters, jet skis and water skiing, luxury cars, weddings, concerts,to name a few



We have outdoor viewing facilities to review The dailies at your leisure and in the comfort of the 5-star spa resort of Aegialis Hotel & Spa.



Stay in the luxury 5-star spa resort at Aegialis hotel or let us help you choose the right accommodation for your budget from cute b&b's to villas and laid back hotels.

For more information about the hotel click here



We can source a wide variety of characters for your production: from kids to wordly wise seniors - extras to models and musicians and even sourcing a black dog or a goat.

Aerial & Underwater Filming.jpg

Aerial & Underwater Filming

We can arrange licensed pilots and drone operators and helicopters. We can arrange boats and/or underwater camera crews to capture magical images of the island, together with gaining clearance from the relevant authorities or you to be able to film.

Special FIlm Permits.jpg

Special Film Permits

Ensure your filming runs smoothly and without interruption. We can help to provide all necessary filming licences and permits.

Our Values.jpg

Our Values

Cost effective, reliable, sustainable, mindful consumption. We aim to provide fresh, local organic food we respect and nurture our environment we look to protect the seas that surround us and we support and work with local businesses and people.

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Contact details

Phone: +30 2285073393

Mobile: +30 6936608678


Amorgos, Aegiali 84008

Greece, Cyclades

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